Isle of Eigg HHDays

The Scottish Wildlife Trust organised two events for

Hen Harrier Weekend 2016, on Sunday 7 and Monday 8 August.

Dean Woodfin Jones, the island's ranger told us :


"Unfortunately due to a day of very strong winds which continuously battered the isle on Sunday, the planned Hen Harrier guided nature walk had to be cancelled.


Luckily the winds died down for Monday and even though the stars of the show decided not to grace us with their presence on this occasion, everyone who attended the walk had a fantastic time and got to enjoy some of Eigg's other exceptional flora and fauna.


In addition to the walk, a very successful stall was set up at the Craft Fair, which is held every Monday in the local Community Hall.  The stall was equipped with information, merchandise, a Hen Harrier mask and face painting table and Hen Harrier nest cakes.

Fun was had by all but most importantly we opened the eyes of many to the widespread illegal killing of one of the island's dearly loved birds of prey, as well as the work of the Birders Against Wildlife Crime.


See you next year for Hen Harrier Weekend 2017! "