Hands Off...

...Our Hen Harriers



There could be all sorts of reasons why you've hit on this website.  Hopefully you've made up your mind to do something about the plight of the Hen Harrier in this country.  But what can you do?  Here's some suggestions.  It's a sort of Helping Hen Harriers To Do List.  Just cross off the actions you've completed, and set about doing those that you haven't:


o Have you signed the Petition?  If not, the link is HERE


o Want more details about when and where the debate will be held?  As soon as we have details, we'll post them here,

   so keep coming back to check.


o Have you written to your MP, asking them to represent your views at the debate?  Mark Avery has posted suggestions

   on how to word your letter or e-mail HERE


o Want to get more people involved?  Have you got some beer mats?  If not, e-mail me HERE


o If you've received your beer mats, but wonder what to do with them, have a look at the post below


o And finally, if you want to donate, to help us print more beer mats, leaflets, flyers and banners click on this link to find

   out how



1) Take a supply of Henry's beer mats to your favourite pub, bar, hotel, restaurant or other establishment that uses coaster-type items.


2) Decide whether the person in charge of the establishment (and the customers) will be broadly sympathetic to Hen Harriers.


3a) If the answer to 2) is "Probably", explain to the person in charge what you are going to do,

      and undertake 4) onwards brazenly.


or 3b) If the answer to 2) is "Probably not" undertake 4) onwards stealthily.


4) Leave as many beer mats on as many tables as you can


5) Take a selfie of you and your handiwork, or you and a drink, or the pub's cat on a beer mat (you get the picture) and tweet it, facebook it, instagram it and e-mail it to phil@birdersagainst.org - click HERE to see our Hands Off Gallery


6) Should anyone ask you "What's this all about?", explain to them the following :


- this year, in England there are only 3 active Hen Harrier nests

  for the source of this information, click HERE


- the government's own experts agree that there should be at least 320

  for the source of this information, click HERE


- the government's own experts also agree that the main cause for the lack of Hen Harriers in the English Uplands is

  illegal persecution by humans

  for the source of this information, click HERE


- we believe that the force of public opinion can change the future of the Hen Harrier for the better, in the same way that

  public opinion recently changed the attitude of both the National Trust and the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority

  to Driven Grouse Shooting

  for our friends Raptor Persecution UK and Mark Avery's reports of these changes click HERE and HERE


- we also believe that if more people know about the desperate plight of the Hen Harrier in this country, more people will

  care about this issue and more people will want to do something about it, such as sign Mark Avery's Ban Driven Grouse

  Shooting Petition, which can be found by clicking HERE


- these beer mats have a QR Code on the back linking to the Hen Harrier Day web site, where more info is available

  and we are putting them in as many establishments as possible, to reach out to people who don't know what is

  going on in our countryside


So. Come on. What are YOU going to do about it? The chap in the picture above, who we ran across in the Eels Foot Inn near RSPB Minsmere this Spring, is very enthusiastic about this message, as are we.


Together, we can win!

What says "Hands Off Our Hen Harriers" very loudly?  Signing Mark Avery's "Ban Driven Grouse Shooting" petition!


If you need convincing, read what Mark

has to say about the issue HERE

then click on this link to go

and sign the petition.

Henry's First Hands Off Picnic - 25 June 2016

Henry was so happy to see over seventy five friends at Grimwith Reservoir on 25 June 2016.  They joined him to protest about the lack of Hen Harriers in the English Uplands (where there are only three breeding pairs, when there should be three hundred plus) and in the Yorkshire Dales National Park (where there are none!).


The weather suited the mood of those gathered.  Sunny optimism that we will win, tinged with cloudy sadness at the present state of affairs.


Mark Avery related the excellent progress made with the petition to Ban Driven Grouse Shooting and explained how we will take the campaign forward to reach 100,000+ signatures by 20 September 2016.  Paul Irving of the North of England Raptor Forum gave a very interesting history of Hen Harriers and raptor persecution in the Dales.  And Phil Walton of BAWC talked about the "Henry Says Hands Off" beer mat campaign


Needless to say, the leaflets promoting the petition and the beer mats were in great demand.


Watch this space for news on future appearances of Henry, and who is doing what with beer mats!

Want some special "Henry Says Hands Off" beer mats, so you can get

the message across whilst you get 'em in?


Just e-mail us at phil@birdersagainst.org

and we'll get some out to you.

And whilst you're at it, why not let us have a picture, showing where you've left the mats.