Hands Off...

...Our Hen Harriers



There could be all sorts of reasons why you've hit on this website.  Hopefully you've made up your mind to do something about the plight of the Hen Harrier in this country.  But what can you do?  Here's some suggestions.  It's a sort of Helping Hen Harriers To Do List.  Just cross off the actions you've completed, and set about doing those that you haven't:


o Find out about what is happening to the Hen Harrier and other raptors in this country by reading Raptor Persecution UK and Mark Avery's blogs.


oTell your friends about what is happening


o Turn up at a Hen Harrier Day Event - click this link for details


o And finally, if you want to donate, to help us print more leaflets, flyers and banners

   click on this link to find out how